Leading Hedge SolutionsNumerix Leading Hedge suite of solutions provides the tools to effectively manage and hedge complex life and annuity products and investment portfolios through efficient stochastic models and a flexible framework for representing any product through customizable payoff scripts.

  • Fast computation methods
  • Industry-leading asset model library
  • Transparent deal definitions
  • Grid and cloud computing enabled
  • Easily integrated




The Oneview Insurance Suite of Applications

Providing a stochastic modeling framework that is risk neutral and market consistent, Numerix Oneview Leading Hedge can be used for capital calculations, product pricing and ongoing valuations, trading and hedging, and regulatory and accounting...
Built on the world’s most comprehensive capital market model library, Numerix Oneview Economic Scenario Generator provides complete flexibility and transparency to view and customize all model and calibration settings, giving users full control of...
With models across all asset classes, including rates, equities, credit, foreign exchange, inflation, volatility, commodities, and life, Numerix Oneview Leading Hedge Workbench provides the industry’s leading hybrid model framework, which...
Numerix Economic Scenario Generation Validation Services begins with the implementation of our sophisticated stochastic simulation framework, Numerix ESG. Then our expert team ensures the selection of the right set of factors, the right set of data...
With the goal of keeping business lines like VA offerings consistently profitable for the overall bottom line, most major insurers implement hedging programs to protect capital and earnings against market fluctuations. Proper hedging relies strongly...