Oneview XVA provides the award winning, cross-asset class analytics you need to manage your counterparty risk across the institution, whether seeking to meet regulatory requirements, hedging or actively trading your XVA positions.

Whether seeking to meet regulatory requirements, hedging or actively trading your XVA positions, Numerix Oneview XVA provides an award-winning, complete, real-time solution for managing XVA pricing adjustments and their impact on counterparty risk, collateral and profitability across the institution.
Underpinned by our market tested cross-asset analytic library, Oneview XVA gives users the ability to calculate, analyze and limit exposures across business units and minimize capital charges for Basel III and SA-CCR compliance, with fast and accurate PFE, CVA/DVA, KVA, COLVA and FVA calculations, using an accelerated Monte Carlo simulation engine.


Counterparty Risk and XVAs


Calculate counterparty risk measures—CVA/DVA, PFE, EE, EPE, ENE, along with COLVA, FVA and other XVA pricing adjustments

Capital Calculations   SA-CCR and CVA capital calculation plus KVA arising from capital costs over the lifetime of the trade

Analyze “What If” Trades


Determine the incremental XVA of performing a trade with different counterparties

Monitor Exposure Limits of Traders


Check limit utilization and send alerts when limits are approached or breached

Real-Time Analysis


“Slice and dice” calculation results in real-time to create custom reports and graphically visualize the results

Collateral Management


Determine collateral values and initial margin requirements, to optimize collateral usage

Regulatory Compliance


Comply with accounting and regulatory requirements, including Basel II & Basel III, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, SA-CCR

Active Risk Management


Trade and hedge XVAs

Break Clause Handling   Calculate and analyze the marginal impact of exercising break clauses at the portfolio level
Benefits & Features
  • Real-time results for fast trading and risk decisions
    Obtain pre-trade risk-adjusted prices and create “what-if” trades with incremental XVAs, so you can execute only profitable trades and choose the best counterparty to trade with.  Dynamically slice & dice calculation results to create customized reports for better decision-making.

  • Optimized counterparty choices and reduced counterparty risk

    Oneview XVA’s pre-trade decision support tools assist with counterparty choices, while exposure limit monitoring and alerts help risk managers control counterparty concentrations.  For banks who trade XVAs, XVA sensitivities allow for dynamic hedging.

  • Adapt to changes in the market and regulations

    Collateral scripting helps users deal with complex new CSAs, while XVA scripting enables the customization of XVA measures so users can include new XVAs in trade prices as markets or regulators demand them.

  • Fast time-to-market for new trade types
    Handle any trade type, existing or imagined, so your firm can capture market opportunities faster than competitors while measuring and managing the risk of the new deal types.
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