Products & Services

Products & Services

Whether you’re tracking a few hedge positions or managing a complex portfolio of structured products, Numerix analytics can help you produce valuations that are repeatable, transparent and consistent with the market—even for the most exotic, illiquid deals. Available through a wide range of stand-alone and integrated solutions, Numerix offers a unified valuation framework for all your positions across all areas of the enterprise. 

Browse our solutions below to take the next step in joining the hundreds of institutions around that world that rely on Numerix for speed and accuracy in managing derivatives. Numerix solutions are available as a full cross-asset solution, or as individual modules for separate asset classes.

Pricing, Valuation & Risk

Numerix CrossAsset

Flexible platform for structuring, pricing and risk managing any derivative, accessible through Excel add-in, or integrated into proprietary or third-party systems via the Numerix CrossAsset Integration Layer (CAIL) and SDK in C#, C++, or Java


Numerix CrossAsset Server

Extends the features of the Numerix CrossAsset Library into an active, gridded server platform. Leveraging multiple third-party middleware and web service-based technologies, CAS delivers scalable, high performance


Numerix Bloomberg Edition

Excel-based structuring and pricing, with integrated Bloomberg data and enhanced Bloomberg workflow for exotics via NXDL


Numerix LiquidAsset

An intuitive, function-based interface for pricing and managing liquid derivatives—within minutes of installation.


Asset Liability Management

Numerix Leading Hedge

A high-speed, analytics production platform for the end-to-end risk management and hedging of life and annuity products—including Variable Annuities and Equity Index Annuities


Leading Hedge Workbench

An extremely flexible and powerful actuarial workbench for the design and pricing of insurance products and hedge assets


Numerix ESG

Numerix ESG is a sophisticated stochastic simulation framework that can be used to produce risk neutral and real world economic scenarios—which can be used across all business units, for all work products


Structured Products Trade Capture

Numerix Portfolio

A powerful front-office application, providing trade capture for any structured product, advanced structuring capabilities, and a uniform pricing and risk framework


Counterparty Risk

Numerix CVA

Intra-day credit valuation adjustment (CVA) and potential future exposure (PFE) for any instrument using American Monte Carlo powered by CompatibL


Advisory Services

Valuation Services

Full-service independent valuations for complex portfolios that are fully documented and transparent


Professional Services

Integration consulting, customized training, implementation services and comprehensive support


Numerix Model Validation

Utilizes standardized tests for confirming model accuracy and performance—confirming both the mathematical and financial correctness of your models


Introduction to
Numerix CrossAsset
Analytic Suite

The best trading
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(CTD) Collateral
Analysis Tool

Analyze CTD collateral
at any point in time over
the lifecycle of a trade

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