Scalable Risk Analytics and High Performance Cloud Technology Push Numerix into Industry Leadership Position for FRTB Solutions  

New York, NY – July 11, 2017

Numerix, the leader in risk technology, has been positioned as a Category Leader in the RiskTech Quadrant® for FRTB Solutions 2017 published by Chartis Research. A companion piece to the Chartis RiskTech Quadrant® for Sell-Side Risk Management Technology 2017, where Numerix was also cited as a Category Leader, the report highlights Numerix for having a clear FRTB strategy, deep domain knowledge and best-in-class solution.

The full report features an in-depth look at the implications of FRTB for banks and risk technology vendors. It analyzes the main impacts of FRTB on banks, and the implications for their operations and technology. Chartis stresses that FRTB will transform banks’ operations in several ways, affecting everything from modeling to reporting and governance. Structural organization and impact on bank operations will also shift significantly under FRTB, according to Chartis.

“As banks are increasingly embracing cloud technology to address regulatory demands, Numerix FRTB is built on Microsoft cloud technology and its companion app is now available on Microsoft AppSource,” said Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix. “Numerix FRTB is designed to be a flexible component of an institution’s FRTB strategy, for business impact assessment or as a core component of a broader enterprise-wide transformation. This has put Numerix in the unique positon where our solution can help with strategic decision-making in early stages, and provides a high-performance SaaS solution for ongoing FRTB compliance. With a proactive cloud strategy, banks can be nimble enough to react and be strategic about optimizing costs for FRTB going forward.”

“FRTB is a broad, overarching reform program that impacts every aspect of risk and trading technology. Vendors who are in the race in this evolving space need ‎to have mathematical and technological assets as well as capabilities across the spectrum such as advanced analytics, scalable risk calculations, both for standardized and internal methods, and strong data architecture,” said Sid Dash, Research Director at Chartis Research. “The Numerix family of applications, including Numerix FRTB, we believe meet FRTB’s demanding criteria for breadth and depth and so must be considered one of the leading suppliers in this emerging space.”

“As I’ve said in the past, we expect larger transformation projects to stem from FRTB compliance. As the only platform to transcend the front office and middle office, Numerix Oneview provides integrated analytics for trading, risk, finance and operations. Enhanced with FRTB capabilities, Numerix Oneview will fully capture all elements of risk,” concluded O’Hanlon.

High Performance, Scalable FRTB Solution

Numerix FRTB is a SaaS, cloud-based QIS solution designed for quick time-to-market for integrating into existing IT infrastructures. Banks can calculate indicative FRTB capital requirements for initial discussions with regulators, including impact assessment using FRTB’s Internal Model Approach (IMA) versus the Standardized Approach (SA).

With Numerix, users can understand the business implications of FRTB immediately, determining which business lines and asset classes are most viable and which trading desks may need to be restructured or discontinued moving forward. With early stage understanding of FRTB’s impact on different trading desks and lines of business, the solution can be utilized for running IMA and SA calculations into the future in the most optimal and capital efficient way possible.

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