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The narrative around the structured products market has evolved over the years, but never more so than in 2020. The use of structured products is moving at different paces across the globe, but now it’s moving faster and gaining growing popularity. One reason has to do with an environment of tighter credit conditions, very low interest rates, and ever-fluctuating equity volatility. But other powerful forces include advancements in electronification, product innovation, expanding market demand trends, and the impact of that Black Swan event no one could predict: the COVID-19 pandemic.

So when it comes to the structured products market, there is clearly no shortage of topics to discuss. To help better understand some of the key challenges, opportunities and trends that are influencing the structured products story today, Numerix’s Dale Burke, Product Manager of Oneview for Trading, and Biju Kulathakal, CEO of Halo Investing, shares their expert insights on these key topics:

  • The evolution of technology infrastructure in delivering the structuring, pricing and risk analytics capabilities
  • The emergence of multi-dealer platforms
  • Key trends in the marketplace
  • Differences in regional usage of structured products
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the market


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