Capitalizing on Market Change: The Rapid Evolution of the Structured Product Market


Why Attend?
Buy-Side participants will better understand the trends and analytics they need to navigate this market, and Sell-Side participants will gain perspective on what matters when having to quickly and efficiently structure, issue, hedge and manage the risk of these products in the current market.

Dale Burke, Product Manager, Numerix, and Biju Kulathakal, CEO of Halo Investing


If the market environment of the past two decades has shown us anything, it’s that big market moves are surprisingly frequent, certainly more frequent than models would predict. The COVID-19 pandemic was yet another Black Swan event no one saw coming. Despite the large market moves, and with persistently low interest rate environments globally, Structured Notes remain very popular. Offering access to unique payoffs, a range of risk profiles, and attractive yields, the products are appealing to both investors and issuers.

But is COVID-19 more than just a Black Swan, and actually a catalyst of change driving the evolution of the Structured Note market? Is it spurring shifts in demand and distribution methods? Have the lessons learned over the past several months prepared issuers to actively monitor risk and dynamically hedge better than ever before?

Join us for a panel discussion featuring Dale Burke, Product Manager, Numerix and Biju Kulathakal, CEO of Halo Investing as they explore how market participants are adapting to change in the Structured Notes market. Brad Bailey, Research Director for Capital Markets at Celent moderated the 30-minute discussion and Q&A session that covers structuring/issuance of notes, through to hedging, distribution and lifecycle management.

Topics covered include:

  • Today’s Structured Notes market: Addressing pain points and overcoming challenges
  • The new role of speed and real time intelligence
  • How issuers and investors can capitalize on market changes
  • The rise of the platform and benefits to structured market participants
  • Key areas of improvement: technology, data and analytics


Featured Speakers:

Dale Burke, Product Manager, Numerix
Dale Burke is a product manager responsible for the Oneview for Trading product at Numerix. Dale is a CFA and FRM charterholder and has held a variety of roles working in middle and front office in banking before moving over to work on systems implementation with a focus on front office integration. Dale obtained his undergraduate degree from Trent University in Canada.

Biju Kulathakal, CEO of Halo Investing
Biju is the Co-founder and CEO of Halo Investing where he works with clients and partners with the goal of making investing more efficient, transparent and effective. He leads Halo’s push to grow technology’s role in structured investment products. Using his capital markets background, he created Halo to give more investors access to these risk-based investment strategies. In addition, he was a founder, Chairman and CEO of Trading Block Holdings, and one of the early co-founders of Redbox. Biju received a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

James JockleModerator: Brad Bailey, Research Director for Capital Markets, Celent
Brad J. Bailey is a Research Director with Celent's Capital Markets division, based in the firm’s New York office. He is an expert in electronic trading and market structure across asset classes and is a recognized thought leader in emerging front office technology, data analytics and capital markets fintech.


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