Numerix Oneview Distribution is an OTC Derivatives and structured product price discovery and RFQ automation platform, bringing together Market Makers (sell-side) and Market Takers (buy-side) to quickly, efficiently and compliantly trade in a digital marketplace.

Addressing specifically the growing automation needs for the market takers, Numerix Oneview Investment is our buy-side solution for price discovery and order execution of cross-asset investment products.

oneview Distribution in Action

“With [Oneview Distribution], we have increased productivity and profitability at the desk while significantly improving service quality to our customers.”

Technology Vendor of the YearBest Implementation Award




Numerix IPDS: Increasing Competitiveness & Client RetentionOneview Distribution helps Private Banks, Corporates and Asset Managers automate price discovery, RFQs and order execution, while bank relationship managers and traders maximize their efficiency and productivity. It also enables rapid product design and time-to-market for new products, so banks can respond quickly to new market trends or client demands and capitalize on opportunities.

Order execution after price discovery can be a painful, manual process that can take days of email exchanges and phone negotiations. With Oneview Distribution, order execution is streamlined, execution desks and traders have blotters where they can book build and execute orders in real time - and even the negotiation process for better quotes can be automated.

By automating these processes buy-side clients can receive a response within seconds, offering issuers and Market Makers competitive advantage in our quickly moving markets.

Price Discovery Workflow Before and After IPDS


Automate the RFQ response and order execution


Dramatically improve response
times and increase trading volumes

Improve Speed to Market and Product Offering


Design, launch and price virtually any OTC Derivative or structured product (including exotics)

Real-Time Market Intelligence and Analytics


Obtain real-time market intelligence and analytics on evolving investor trends for product types, product features, underlying assets, and strategies, to proactively address industry and client demands

Proactive Risk Management
and Product Management Decisions



Achieve real-time risk analysis and portfolio management, to maximize margins while minimizing risk

Gain Competitive Edge   Automated RFQ responses & order execution increase competitiveness & trading volumes
Benefits & Features



  • Gain Agility from Speed, Flexibility and Scale

    • Vastly reduce time-to-market

    • Swiftly respond to changing industry trends or client demands for new products

    • Onboard any counterparty via multiple channels such as email, FIX protocol, and APIs

    • Scale and customize the system to adapt to changing business requirements

  • Increase Profits & Market Share

    • Improve market competitiveness and market share of trade flow

    • Increase revenues from substantially increased trading volumes

    • Reduce operational costs – minimize manual processes and human intervention, so relationship managers and traders work more efficiently, and clients receive better service

  • Increase Accuracy with Market-Proven Pricing and Risk Analytics

    • Accurate pricing, reporting and risk management, leading to better trading and risk decisions


  • Automated price discovery and order execution process, resulting in faster trade execution
  • Indicative/pre-deal pricing for virtually any instrument to facilitate idea and strategy generation
  • Order execution management with automated pooling and book building
  • Interfacing to core banking systems for straight-through processing for pre- and post-trade compliance
  • Independent valuations and risk management to satisfy regulatory requirements (with Numerix analytics option)


Key Features

  • Complete and seamless buy-side to sell-side workflow integration
  • Comprehensive and flexible centralized data model and orchestration engine with enterprise analytics across all asset classes
  • Built-in FIX connectivity based on leading FIX Engine, Catalys from CameronTec
  • Scalable design capable of handling large volumes of data, concurrent clients, independent requests
  • Highly configurable cross-asset analytics models
  • Highly modular, future-proof design to suit the business and technology requirements
  • Cloud- and grid-enabled for fast calculations
  • Role-based intuitive workflow management and interactive web-based GUI
  • Flexible deployment options:
    •  Fully hosted
    •  Fully deployed
    • Hybrid

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