In today’s highly competitive marketplace, bank Treasury Marketing Units (TMUs) need to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to differentiate themselves. The Numerix Oneview Trading enables banks to effectively manage their clients’ treasury risks, while enhancing operational efficiency—all making it easier to provide clients with best-in-class, superior service.
Numerix understands the wide-range of challenges facing today’s TMUs, and how these challenges can delay response times to important customer requests. That’s why we have designed a solution to address each of these specific challenges. Wheaher your TMU sales team spends too much time on operating processes—like double booking or calling to ask for quotes—or faces challenges meeting regulatory reporting requirements—Oneview Trading helps differentiate the level of service your bank
can offer.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

With Numerix, when TMU sales are booking exotic trades like Target Redemption Forwards (TRFs), they only have to book once; the Oneview Trading will automatically produce the other legs for them. In addition, by simply inputting some trade information and clicking “price,” the system will automatically generate other information, such as MTM and Greeks. This further enhances operational efficiency because it eliminates the need for additional calls to counterparties to fill in the gaps.
Moreover, when there’s market turmoil, such as depreciation in CNH, Oneview Trading enables you to generate a wide range of reports—which can be sorted by customer, by product and by currency. This enables your TMU sales team to actively communicate with customers what their portfolio looks like, and provide comprehensive scenario analysis. In addition, Numerix enables you to efficiently generate statements for your VIP customers on a periodic basis, so you can actively provide them the highest level of professional services.

Meeting Regulatory Demands

Today’s TMUs are operating in an environment where regulators are asking for more and more reports, and demanding quick response times. Oneview Trading provides you with the many types of reports you need to fulfill these increasing regulatory reporting requirements, such as: PnL Blotter, Knock-in/Knock-out Reports, FX Ladder Reports and Scenario Analysis, which can also be put into the indicative termsheet.

Benefits & Features

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the repetitive operational work
    Enables bank TMUs to spend more time on providing superior customer service, thereby generating more profits for the bank.

  • Enables more efficient response times (first-time responses) to customer questions
    Deals can be completed within one phone call.

  • Increases customer satisfaction
    Ability to offer a wide range of professional reports, enabling enhanced customer advisement.

  • Enables expedited response times to regulatory requests
    Due to highly efficient and accurate reporting capabilities.


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