Dr. Merav Ozair on if Blockchain could enable Responsible AI

Trading Tomorrow - Navigating Trends in Capital Markets 

Season 2, Episode 15


All over the globe, AI is not just advancing; it's sprinting forward. As we stand on the edge of what could be the largest technological revolution of our time, we're facing some crucial questions. How do we navigate the development, deployment, and impact of AI while mitigating its associated risks, especially in a highly regulated industry like finance? And could the answer to implementing AI responsibly lie in the use of another popular technology, Blockchain? Dr. Merav Ozair, a global leading expert on emerging technologies, argues yes. She joins the host of Trading Tomorrow - Navigating Trends in Capital Markets, Jim Jockle for a riveting conversation on AI, Blockchain, and the future. More from Dr. Merav Ozair, including where to buy her upcoming book, can be found at -  https://www.doctorblockchain.io/

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