Saul Stepner

Managing Director, Direct Sales, Americas

Saul Stepner is Numerix’s Managing Director of Americas Direct Sales. He has over 25 years of experience within Fintech and Banking. Saul joined Numerix in 2006 as Vice President of Sales. Early on, Saul  helped to establish Numerix as a leading technology player within the Insurance sector. Saul also led a multi-year company effort engaging with the Lehman Brothers estate, helping Lehman to settle claims with all of its terminated counterparties. In 2010, Saul was promoted to Senior Vice President, Insurance Solutions in an effort to focus Numerix’s efforts on the Life and Annuities market in the US. Within the first three years, Saul collaborated with clients and Numerix executive management on a business strategy that included the delivery of the Leading Hedge product suite. In 2013, Saul was promoted to Managing Director, Americas after achieving success in his prior roles. Saul currently leads the Americas team and has successfully established its presence Nationally as well as within Canada and Latin America. Prior to Numerix, Saul held sales leadership roles within Reval, Traiana and Zoologic. Saul started his career in Banking working as an analyst for Republic National Bank.