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Risk Technology

Aite Impact Report | Risk System Replacement Pitfalls and Lessons Learned: The CRO Perspective

This new report produced by Aite Group examines the challenges faced by risk management executives in the capital markets space when they attempt to replace their risk technology architectures. Download Report

Risk System Replacement

On-Demand Webinar | Tipping Points for Legacy Risk System Replacement: The CRO View

The market offers many drivers for investment in new risk technology platforms, and there are certain steps that must be taken to achieve a successful system replacement that meets current market requirements. However, as risk management executives in the capital markets are learning, it is no simple process. Virginie O'Shea, Research Director at Aite Group, highlights the lessons learned during the risk technology replacement process and the pitfalls to avoid, including those related to technical, operational, and cultural factors. View On-Demand Webinar

Virginie OShea

New Best Practices for Operating in Today’s Capital Markets Reality

Steven O’Hanlon, Chief Executive Officer and President of Numerix, discusses what he sees as the new best practices capital markets players need to undertake to succeed in today’s capital markets reality. Download Whitepaper

Capital Markets Reality

Real-Time Impact

Greenwich Associates Report

The Technology to Succeed in Fixed-Income Trading

This Greenwich Associates report discusses why the use of new trading technology will separate the winners from the losers in the fixed income business. Download Report

Technology and Architecture

The Need for Speed — Why a Real-Time Event Driven Architecture Matters

Jim Rogers, Risk Management Technology Manager at Numerix, was invited to the RiskHedge USA Conference to deliver his presentation entitled, "The Need for Speed — Why a Real-Time Event Driven Architecture Matters". The presentation addresses real-time management of positions and risk, pre-trade compliance checks, market making, real-time margining, and what-if analysis. Download Presentation

Hedge Funds and asset managers

The Technology Wake-up Call for Hedge Funds & Asset Managers: Top 3 Priorities for Optimal Performance

Increasing market complexity, investor pressures and regulatory challenges are putting pressure on hedge funds and asset managers to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and improve functionality, front to the back office. Martin Toyer of Numerix highlights three technology priorities that institutions need adopt to achieve optimal trade execution performance.
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XVA Round-Up

The Rise of xVA and How It Transformed an Entire Industry

In this white paper, Satyam Kancharla, Chief Strategy Officer at Numerix, brings to light how xVAs have become the posterchild for risk-informed decision making and the key to unlocking trade profitability across capital markets. Download Whitepaper

Case for Electronification in OTC Markets

xVA Transformation: Market Perspectives and Best Practices

Numerix Chief Strategy Officer Satyam Kancharla, in this October webinar, broke down different market perspectives and showed how one can navigate the maze of xVAs and construct an xVA transformation plan that addresses an organization's needs. Watch Now

Satyam Kancharla

In the News

RiskTech Award

Numerix Breaks into Chartis RiskTech100® Top 10

Numerix announces its ascent to this year's RiskTech100® Top 10 list, which is globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive independent study of the world's major players in risk and compliance technology. Read Press Release

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Dec 14 | Emerging Manager Forum Miami 2017

Upcoming Webinar: Nov 16 | LIBOR Decommission: History, Implications and What’s Next

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