Sep 25, 2017

What Is “Fintech”?

What is “fintech”? Well, there’s the literal and easy answer: An industry that integrates finance and technology. But then there’s this question, What do we really mean by “fintech”? It has more than one answer—and the traditional financial services industry will surely have their answers, while fintech companies will have their own answers. What is universally true is that, in the 21st century, fintech has represented a revolution within the financial industry. And within any definition of fintech, a broad range of fintech sectors, subsectors and businesses will fall under it.

The scope of fintech is enormous and is touching nearly every aspect of financial services. According to McKinsey&Company (Bracing for seven critical changes as fintech matures., more than 30 areas are emerging as new norms in financial services as a result of fintech trends, and it is impacting sectors such as payments, lending, insurance, retail, wealth management, the capital markets and more.

In this video, James Jockle, Chief Marketing Officer at Numerix, joins with Lee Schneider, Head of Fintech at international law firm Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, to offer refreshingly encapsulated—and clear-cut—answers to the questions, “What is fintech?” and “What makes a company a fintech?” They also engage in an insightful discussion on the transformational attributes of the growing fintech industry.

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Disclaimer: Nothing herein is intended to create an attorney-client relationship with Debevoise & Plimpton LLP or with any lawyer at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. You should not rely on the content of this interview as a source of legal advice.

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