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In this video blog, Alex Marion, VP of Product Management for Insurance speaks with CMO, Jim Jockle about practical use cases for Economic Scenario Generation in today’s Insurance marketplace. Alex addresses how real-world ESG solutions are...
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Structured Products | May 2014
Numerix Advances Risk Analysis, Product Design & Hedging Capabilities for Insurers
Structured Products Americas Awards 2014 recognizes Numerix in this featured article discussing how Numerix Leading Hedge has...
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In today’s video blog, Jim Jockle, Numerix CMO and Saul Stepner, Managing Director of Americas Sales examine the complex challenges insurance companies are facing, and the innovative solutions they are successfully implementing in today’s market...
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The insurance industry has utilized risk neutral models for many years to help manage market risks embedded in complex insurance products such as variable annuities (VAs). However, as the complexity of VA guaranteed living benefit riders has...
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In the risk-neutral world, all investments grow, on average, at the risk-free rate. In reality, risky positions earn a premium depending on their sensitivities to market factors. For instance, a call on an equity index is seen to earn a premium...
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Driven by the evolution of market consistent valuation and risk management methodologies, in addition to recent regulatory requirements, insurance companies have been investing significant time and effort on the development of internal models for...
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While most derivative market practitioners now value their OTC derivatives by discounting with Overnight Index Swap (OIS) rates, many insurers still use LIBOR-based discounting for both their hedging assets and liabilities. This can cause problems,...
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Global Capital | September 20, 2013 | By Alex Marion and Mark Hadley of Numerix
Insurers are considering linking their EIAs to volatility control indices. Numerix explains.
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Financial News | August 16, 2013 | by Michelle Price
Numerix discusses entering the new "life" asset class.
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Insurance ERM | August 14, 2013 | By Insurnace ERM Editorial
Numerix introduces  the Lee-Carter Stochastic Mortality Model within the Numerix Leading Hedge.
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