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Best's Review | June 2015 | By Angelo John Lewis
Variable Annuities: Reducing Risk
While current VAs have key differences than those issued before the financial crisis, many have embedded risk management features that reduce volatility and the cost...
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Presented at Risk Japan | June 2015
This presentation entitled “Economic Scenario Generators: Applications in Enterprise Risk Management” was given by Dr. Ping Sun of Numerix at the Risk Japan 2015 Conference in Tokyo on June 11th.
The presentation...
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Insurance Risk | May 2015 | By Clive Davidson
Seen from Another Angle
Liability modeling has traditionally been dominated by actuarial modeling tools. Now firms with credentials in capital markets modeling are trying to muscle in on the territory,...
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Structured Products | May 2015 | By Clive Davidson
Numerix Analytics named best in business for multiple pricing categories, credit risk and market risk
Numerix announced that the firm was voted best overall in Structured Products Magazine’s...
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What happens when historically non-correlated assets quickly move together in the wrong direction all at once? As the 2008 financial crisis revealed, a more sophisticated treatment of correlation was required amongst financial market participants...
Insurance Risk | April 15, 2015 | By Clive Davidson
This articles examines US insurers and their decision to bring hedging programmes in-house or to outsource.
"With variable annuities, having the ability to simulate a hedging strategy and...
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Real-world profiles can substantially deviate from risk-neutral profiles for derivatives and related structures—depending on such factors as product, sensitivities and leverage, which can often lead to inaccurate risk profile assessments.
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Waters Technology | August 2014
Best Credit Risk Solution Provider
Numerix has won the award for “Best Credit Risk Solution Provider” in the Waters Rankings 2014. With Basel III CVA capital charges and EMIR / Dodd-Frank central clearing all coming...
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With fixed indexed annuity sales hitting record levels, insurers are responding to demand by merging the best features of FIA (fixed indexed annuity) and VA (variable annuity) products to create a new range of hybrid designs. Referred to as “indexed...
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In this video blog, Jim Jockle, CMO and Alex Marion, Vice President of Product Management at Numerix for Insurance discuss the de-risking of insurance products and the state of the state within the variable annuity industry. Alex focuses on the...
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