Pricing, Risk, Analysis & Trade Management in Real-Time

Numerix Oneview Enterprise Platform is the next generation pricing, risk, analysis and trade management platform designed for the next evolution of the capital markets.  Driven by innovations in dependency graph technologies, the Platform is the only real-time cross-asset platform putting the front office first, while driving analytic consistency across all business lines.

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Real ‘Real-Time’ – The Oneview Graph

The Oneview Graph is a development platform based on a directed acyclic graph technology for constructing distributed component-based systems that are real-time and event-driven. The graph provides the underlying “glue” that allows business components to “discover” and “talk to each other”.

The streaming graph framework triggers modules only if the data they depend on changes, resulting in real-time updates to positions, P&L and other risk metrics.

The Oneview Enterprise Platform can calculate VaR, Greeks and carry out stress testing on a sub-second basis, or price 25,000 interest rate swaps per second in volatile markets.

Business Services

Designed to revolutionize trading and risk operations for all capital markets participants, Oneview Enterprise Platform consists of rich business service analytics capabilities that can be accessed directly via the platform (through custom application development endpoints or Python) or from Numerix-developed applications.

Learn more about the Oneview Business Capabilities:

Analytic Services

The Numerix CrossAsset library offers the industry’s most comprehensive collection of models and methods, allowing institutions to price any conceivable instrument using the most advanced calculations. Users also gain access to a wide range of calibration options for generating market-consistent valuations.

With an infinitely flexible architecture for defining bespoke deals—and the ability to integrate your own internal models—Numerix CrossAsset enables the deployment of a unified pricing and risk solution for all your derivative and fixed income positions across all trade types.

Asset Class Coverage:

Equities, Interest Rates, FX, Credit, Commodities, Inflation, MBS, Cash Securities, Structured Products, Exchange Traded, and all OTC Derivatives – Vanilla through Exotic.

To learn more about Numerix CrossAsset Analytic Services visit: Numerix Model Library

Benefits & Features

Key Benefits

  • Enables quants/developers to focus on business functionality rather than infrastructure.
  • New components/data sources can be added dynamically at run-time.
  • Simple integration points for:
    • External pricing models
    • External data sources
    • New GUI’s and reporting
  • Can be leveraged in real-time, on demand or batch
  • Full monitoring
  • Controller services
Case studies
Reserve Bank of New Zealand Case Study: Oneview
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