Accelerate Your Capital
Markets System Development

Numerix NxCore provides a comprehensive, proven development platform to help capital markets system developers dramatically reduce time-to-market and project risk for new system development.

With NxCore as the foundation of your development project, you can build exactly what you need-including trading, risk, XVA, or margining systems - faster and better.

Jump start your capital markets system development with NxCore.


Everything You Need to Build Your Ideal System

The challenges of building a new capital markets system are common to many firms. How will the quantitative team define and validate models? How will developers implement them? How will system engineers scale that implementation? How will the IT team maintain the system?

NxCore is a suite of tools for every team involved in the development lifecycle.



Proven Technology

Cutting Edge Analytics

Optimized for Efficiency


New regulations and market dynamics can challenge outdated legacy systems. Designed for the evolution of the capital markets, NxCore has everything you need to build your ideal system.

Benefits & Features

Proven Technology
Why build from scratch when you can use street-tested, award-winning, industrial-strength technologies and tools?

  • NxCore is built from the ground up for performance, efficiency, consistency, resilience, adaptability, and scalability
  • Wide range of microservices, which are pre-built and independently functioning modules for managing data, running calculations and performing administrative tasks
  • Microservices-based architecture helps maximize development efficiency and ease the headaches commonly associated with scaling, upgrades and development
  • Each microservice communicates over open, documented REST APIs and Python interfaces, so integration with other third-party or proprietary components is simple
  • Leverage our proprietary graph framework to build high performance market making, trading, and risk systems
  • Achieve true real-time performance with the graph framework, triggering modules only if the data they depend on changes, resulting in continuous and efficient real-time calculations

Cutting Edge Analytics
Pricing and risk analytics are the core DNA of Numerix.

  • Leverage the breadth of Numerix's award-winning analytics library to accelerate development and validation of your models, integrate your own analytical library, or mix and match
  • Our library can produce prices, risk sensitivities, and advanced measures such as XVAs, exposures and VaR for any commonly traded product in any asset class
  • The library excels in exotics, structured products, and hard-to-value instruments with complex payoff logic and multiple underlyings
  • Our cutting-edge models and methods include powerful multi-factor hybrid modeling and American Monte Carlo methods for future price calculations

Optimized for Efficiency
Leverage Numerix's experience and off-the-shelf components to speed up development and dramatically reduce time-to-market and project risk.

  • Full flexibility to either use Numerix components or your own
  • Solutions can be built in sandbox environments and deployed to large multi-core servers for production
  • NxCore integrates with the cloud, extending your on-premise solution to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud to meet elastic demand, expand your reporting, or cut infrastructure costs
  • Accelerate system ROI by completing the system faster and start generating returns sooner
  • Empower system developers to focus on high value business functionality rather than infrastructure
  • Reduce project complexity by using proven tools and components
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