Key benefits

  • Gain an enterprise-level view of risk

    Risk exposures are aggregated across all asset classes, trading desks, and counterparty hierarchies, but can also be drilled down to the individual trade or risk factor.

  • Track exposures instantly, adapt swiftly

    Near real-time monitoring of risk exposures enables agility and faster mitigative action.

  • Stay ahead of risk-based capital requirements

    Comply with complex regulations such as FRTB, SA-CCR and others through a combination of sensitivity calculations, stress tests, VaR/ES, and backtesting.

  • Comprehensive measures & accuracy you can trust

    A broad range of risk metrics from battle-tested models gives you the best analytics in the industry.

The Numerix difference for risk teams

Risk teams need to see exactly where their risk resides, ideally intraday or even near real-time, so they can take mitigative action before it's too late. Numerix provides your team with fast and accurate risk analytics so you can make proactive and informed decisions, enabling you to transform risk into a competitive advantage.

Numerix gives you a deeper understanding of risk

Market Risk

Advanced risk analytics and scenario tools to accurately measure and manage market risk exposure across all asset classes and portfolios in your firm.

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Counterparty Credit Risk

Detailed counterparty credit risk metrics and exposure insights so you can proactively mitigate counterparty exposures while complying with regulatory requirements.

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Model Validation

Best-in-class models you can validate your pricing and risk models against, along with development tools to build automated model tests to verify model accuracy and performance.

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