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Derivative structurers grapple daily with the complexity of designing and pricing bespoke financial products that meet specific client criteria while maintaining alignment with internal risk tolerances. Moreover, it can be challenging to keep pace with constantly changing industry trends and client demands for new product types.

Numerix software rises to these challenges by providing OTC derivative structurers with tools that offer comprehensive asset class coverage and sophisticated structuring capabilities. Its advanced pricing models along with flexible payoff scripting ensure accuracy and agility in structuring any derivative imaginable, empowering structurers to efficiently adapt to market changes and client requests, enhancing both client trust and operational agility.

Benefits for structurers

Increase your structuring agility

Create innovative structured products and exotic derivatives without limitation, to seize market opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and better serve clients.

  • Structure any product in any asset class

    The industry’s richest coverage of models and methods, along with a flexible payoff scripting language, enable you to create innovative new products.

  • Reduce time-to-market for new structures

    Rapidly describe new deal types using intuitive payoff scripting along with battle-tested models.

  • Create and price complex hybrid structures

    Leverage Numerix's hybrid model framework to structure complex deals composed of multiple underlyings. 

  • Analyze risk exposures and run simulations

    Utilize advanced risk & stress testing analytics for robust risk management of your structured products.

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Products for structurers


CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive derivatives analytics library empowering users to structure, price and manage all OTC derivatives.

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PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management

PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management provides a versatile software platform tailored for fixed income risk management and portfolio analysis. It supports a wide range of instruments including mortgages, structured products, bonds, derivatives, and credit instruments like CDS. The platform is designed for efficacy across front and mid-office, catering to diverse user needs.

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