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Managing XVAs efficiently poses significant challenges due to the complexity of calculations and the need for integrating a wide array of risk factors including counterparty, market, and funding considerations. The dynamic competitive landscape further pressures desks to maintain a high level of accuracy and real-time pricing capabilities, making legacy systems cumbersome and inappropriate for the task.

Numerix transforms these challenges into opportunities by providing robust analytics that deliver real-time insights and a holistic view of XVA impacts. With features designed to support scalable calculations and comprehensive modelling, we empower XVA desks to achieve operational excellence, ensuring that risk assessment and management are both accurate and efficient. This directly supports not only compliance with current regulations but also positions desks to adapt quickly to future changes in the regulatory and competitive environments.

Benefits for XVA desks

Maximize your XVA desk's ROI

Leverage Numerix to optimize XVA calculations, reduce capital costs, and boost the profitability of your desk with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

  • Make the right trades at the right prices

    Fast and flexible pre-trade decision support tools give you the real-time insights you need.

  • Advanced risk modelling

    Leverage sophisticated counterparty risk analytics for dynamic risk management.

  • Integrate XVAs into any trade, even complex ones

    Incorporate a broad range of XVAs into deal prices for all instruments across all asset classes.

  • Fast analytics you can trust

    A high-performance cloud compute engine provides unparalleled speed and scalability of XVA calculations.

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Products for XVA desks

Oneview for XVA

Oneview for XVA empowers XVA desks to confidently manage counterparty risk exposures, integrate XVAs into deal prices, and execute all trade types.

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NxCore is a cutting-edge platform for rapid development and deployment of capital market apps. It leverages cloud-native architecture and Python's ecosystem for unmatched efficiency and scalability.

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