Elevate your market risk capabilities

Market risk managers face the daunting task of responding promptly to volatile market conditions with precise and actionable insights. Legacy technologies often lag, providing outdated data that may lead to missed hedging opportunities and potential compliance violations.

Our solutions are designed to transform this dynamic, offering high performance risk analytics that help you respond instantly to market changes. With our robust analytical tools, you can conduct thorough risk assessments, stress testing, and scenario analysis with unmatched speed and accuracy. This ensures that your strategic risk decisions are both proactive and informed, allowing you to transform risk into a competitive edge while adhering to regulatory standards.

Benefits for market risk managers

Unlock a deeper understanding of your market risk

Leverage advanced risk analytics and scenario tools to accurately measure and manage market risk exposure across all asset classes and portfolios in your firm.

  • Make better and faster risk decisions

    A comprehensive range of risk analytics are at your fingertips, for deeper insights and smarter decisions.

  • Gain an enterprise-level view of risk

    Risk exposures are aggregated across the entire firm, but can also be drilled down to the individual trade or risk factor.

  • Stay ahead of market risk-based capital requirements

    Comply with complex regulations such as FRTB and Uncleared Margin Rules through a combination of sensitivity calculations, stress tests, VaR, and backtesting.

  • Advanced suite of risk analytics gives you agility

    Adapt to market volatility and complex new regulations with the most sophisticated risk tools in the industry.

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Products for market risk managers

Oneview for Market Risk

Oneview for Market Risk provides comprehensive pre-and post-trade market risk analytics. It supports holistic risk management with VaR, stress testing, and scenario analysis at both desk and enterprise levels.

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PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management

PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management provides a versatile software platform tailored for fixed income risk management and portfolio analysis. It supports a wide range of instruments including mortgages, structured products, bonds, derivatives, and credit instruments like CDS. The platform is designed for efficacy across front and mid-office, catering to diverse user needs.

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