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The world of valuation teams is rife with complexities. From the constant pressure to reconcile disparate data sources to the need for sophisticated modeling that can handle complex financial instruments, valuation specialists often find themselves juggling manual processes with an ever-growing array of tools. This hodgepodge of solutions and data silos introduces friction, hindering the speed and accuracy demanded in today's dynamic capital markets.

Numerix understands these challenges. Our cross-asset solutions provide a powerful and unified framework for valuation analysis. With robust libraries for a comprehensive range of instrument types, you get the flexibility to value even highly exotic instruments with speed and confidence. Streamlined workflows, seamless data integration, and powerful analytics eliminate time-consuming manual processes, freeing you to focus on strategic analysis, delivering timely, defensible valuations that underpin sound decision-making.

Benefits for valuation teams

Unparalleled valuation accuracy for every trade

Numerix gives you industry-standard, market-proven valuation analytics for every instrument your firm trades, including the most complex OTC exotic derivatives and structured finance securities.

  • Value every instrument, even the most complex ones

    Value any trade, across any asset class, with any payoff profile, so you can handle every trade in your firm’s portfolio.

  • Proven valuation models you can trust

    Our models have been battle-tested by thousands of users over many years, giving you confidence in their robustness and accuracy.

  • Full transparency and control over valuations

    No black boxes here – you have total control over pricing model configuration plus extensive documentation to help guide you.

  • Choose the right pricing models for you

    Select from a variety of models in each asset class to optimize for flexibility, usability, sophistication, and performance.

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Products for valuation teams

Oneview for Valuation

Oneview for Valuation delivers market-consistent valuations and Greeks for derivatives and structured product portfolios, combining award-winning pricing libraries with a high-performance enterprise system.

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CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive derivatives analytics library empowering users to structure, price and manage all OTC derivatives.

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PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management

PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management provides a versatile software platform tailored for fixed income risk management and portfolio analysis. It supports a wide range of instruments including mortgages, structured products, bonds, derivatives, and credit instruments like CDS. The platform is designed for efficacy across front and mid-office, catering to diverse user needs.

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NxCore is a cutting-edge platform for rapid development and deployment of capital market apps. It leverages cloud-native architecture and Python's ecosystem for unmatched efficiency and scalability.

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FINCAD Analytics Suite

FINCAD Analytics Suite simplifies derivatives and fixed income products pricing. Boasting over 2,000 functions and 200+ workbooks, it enables quick calculations of pricing, risk, and cash flows. Features include mark-to-market valuations, risk analysis, curve validation, and advanced fixed income evaluation. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with Analytics Finder and Input Assistant for easy model selection, calculation, and debugging.

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