Elevate your collateral management capabilities

Collateral management teams face numerous challenges that can impact their ability to calculate initial margin requirements, value non-cash collateral, and mitigate counterparty disputes. They struggle with manual processes, data quality issues, and tight deadlines, which can lead to errors, delays, and increased operational risk.

To address these challenges, Numerix provides collateral teams with advanced analytics, automation, and scalability. With our solution, they can streamline their valuation processes, maximize the accuracy of valuations, and stay on top of margining requirements. Our solution provides near real-time visibility into collateral values, enabling them to make informed and confident decisions under time pressure.

Benefits for collateral management teams

Accuracy and speed to keep you ahead of the game

High-performance margin calculations and collateral valuations for large, cross-asset class portfolios, to help you optimize your collateral usage and minimize counterparty disputes.

  • Industry-standard analytics that match counterparties

    Market-proven analytics for collateral values and margining will match counterparty calculations, so disputes are minimized.

  • Fast calculations to support decision-making

    Cloud-native scale and performance provide analytics in near real-time, even for large, complex, cross-asset class portfolios.

  • Full transparency so you can understand the numbers

    Numerix analytics are NOT a black box – drill down to the underlying analytics library and access full documentation.

  • Regulatory-compliant margining inspires confidence

    Generate sensitivities as prescribed by ISDA’s SIMM methodology, with support for all four product classes as defined by SIMM.

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Products for collateral management teams

Oneview for Valuation

Oneview for Valuation delivers market-consistent valuations and Greeks for derivatives and structured product portfolios, combining award-winning pricing libraries with a high-performance enterprise system.

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Oneview for Market Risk

Oneview for Market Risk provides comprehensive pre-and post-trade market risk analytics. It supports holistic risk management with VaR, stress testing, and scenario analysis at both desk and enterprise levels.

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CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive derivatives analytics library empowering users to structure, price and manage all OTC derivatives.

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