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Structured products continue to see demand around the globe. But issuers must deliver fast, accurate pricing and the latest products to compete. And the complexity of structured products often leaves even top-tier institutions dependent on spreadsheets, clunky structuring processes and fragmented booking systems.

To address these challenges, Numerix enables firms to produce tradeable real-time quotes, manage real-time market data, and produce real-time risk calculations, even for complex product structures. Fully integrated into a firm’s IT architecture and data sources, it enables issuers to rapidly respond to market demand while delivering transformative insights across the business.

Benefits for traders

Gain a competitive edge with real-time insights and rapid time-to-market

Our goal is to help you aggressively grow and confidently manage your structured product business. Numerix enables issuers and distributors to capture market opportunity by delivering unmatched speed, accuracy and flexibility from structuring and pricing to hedging, risk analysis, lifecycle management and P&L analysis.

  • Innovate rapidly to meet market demand

    Fast and flexible product structuring capabilities enable firms to innovate quickly to meet market demand and beat competitors. 

  • Real-time capabilities enable faster decisions

    With streaming real-time pricing and risk insights at your fingertips, you can make the right trade at the right price and manage risk confidently even in fast moving markets.

  • Increase trading efficiency

    Automated workflows enable you to respond faster to client requests and handle higher overall request for quote (RFQ) volumes, so you can capture more deal flow and increase market share.

  • Holistic risk and lifecycle management

    Intuitive trade lifecycle functionality and automation tools enable users to maximize their efficiency and minimize operational risk, while risk analytics provide a full view of risk that is custom-made for structured note traders.

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Products for traders

Oneview for Trading

Oneview for Trading offers an all-encompassing solution for structured product business, providing real-time quotes, market data management, and risk calculations in a single platform.

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PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management

PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management provides a versatile software platform tailored for fixed income risk management and portfolio analysis. It supports a wide range of instruments including mortgages, structured products, bonds, derivatives, and credit instruments like CDS. The platform is designed for efficacy across front and mid-office, catering to diverse user needs.

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