Key benefits

  • Accurate numbers you can trust

    Generate reports that auditors, regulators, executives, and stakeholders in the front and middle offices can be confident in.

  • Maximize your team’s productivity

    With SaaS deployment options and automated workflows, Numerix platforms shoulder operational burdens to free you team to work on things that matter most.

  • The data you need – when you need it

    Cloud-native platforms provide unparalleled performance, so calculations you once ran monthly can now be run daily or even intraday, giving your business more agility and faster insights for decision-making.

  • Scalable, future-proof platforms

    The capital markets move fast and constantly change – so your systems must as well. Numerix platforms are built for flexibility and scale, so they can adapt to your changing needs.

The Numerix difference for operations teams

Back office and operations teams have a very broad and complex mandate, and they need software that won’t let them down. Numerix’s platforms give your teams best-in-class analytics to ensure everything they do is accurate, timely, and efficient – so your derivatives and fixed income businesses can stay ahead of competitors while complying with accounting and regulatory requirements.

Numerix technologies are the backbone of your team’s work


Accurate valuations across the entire business, so all trades can be valued on one platform with consistent methodologies regardless of trade complexity or asset class.

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Industry-standard valuation methodologies to help you comply with international fair value accounting standards such as ASC 815, IFRS 9, IFRS 17 and others.

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Viewing computer screen data.


Advanced regulatory calculations for all major derivatives regulations, powered by a flexible analytics framework which can help your business adapt to changing regulatory requirements over time.

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Collateral Management

Fast and accurate calculations for margining and collateral values, to support the real-time needs of collateral management teams.

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