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In the fast-paced world of capital markets, software developers face the daunting task of translating complex financial algorithms into practical, high-performance applications. The pressure to innovate quickly and efficiently is immense, with the added challenge of ensuring that these systems are scalable and can handle massive volumes of market data.

Numerix addresses these challenges by providing development tools that simplify the development process, from ideation to deployment. By leveraging cloud-native technologies and comprehensive analytics libraries, developers can focus on creating strategic value, knowing that the underlying infrastructure and quantitative models are reliable and secure.

Benefits for software developers

Build and deploy with unrivaled speed and agility

Quickly adapt to changing business demands, market trends, and regulatory requirements with a suite of tools specifically designed for developing capital markets applications. By integrating our advanced analytics and robust data management capabilities, developers can create more effective and resilient market applications, ensuring they meet both current and future needs seamlessly.

  • Advanced analytics to power your applications

    Native support for Numerix's industry leading pricing & risk models accelerates your integration of analytics into applications.

  • Rapid prototyping and deployment

    Decrease time-to-market with off-the-shelf DevOps infrastructure, easy-to-use Pythonic interfaces, & APIs to analytics services & market data.

  • Build and scale without limits

    Leverage Numerix's hosted cloud infrastructure to handle the most demanding performance & scalability requirements.

  • Simplify data integration

    Connect to vast stores of market data via simple APIs.

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Products for software developers


NxCore is a cutting-edge platform for rapid development and deployment of capital market apps. It leverages cloud-native architecture and Python's ecosystem for unmatched efficiency and scalability.

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CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive derivatives analytics library empowering users to structure, price and manage all OTC derivatives.

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FINCAD Analytics Suite

FINCAD Analytics Suite simplifies derivatives and fixed income products pricing. Boasting over 2,000 functions and 200+ workbooks, it enables quick calculations of pricing, risk, and cash flows. Features include mark-to-market valuations, risk analysis, curve validation, and advanced fixed income evaluation. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with Analytics Finder and Input Assistant for easy model selection, calculation, and debugging.

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