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OTC markets are increasingly traded electronically and becoming more competitive than ever. Outdated legacy systems are no longer competitive in modern e-trading and there is an urgent need to upgrade to real-time platforms that can manage sophisticated calculations in order to stay relevant. Additionally, many off-the-shelf OTC trading and risk systems on the market have severe limitations, including not being adaptable to real-time, event-driven e-commerce.  And internally “built from scratch” trading technology is increasingly seen as a luxury - and is often fraught with significant project risk.

Numerix NxCore for Market Makers provides an innovative hybrid solution to this problem. It is a highly scalable development framework for real-time e-commerce that incorporates dynamic dependency graph technology, specifically built to support the e-trading needs of capital markets participants. Gain the best of both worlds with NxCore by building exactly what you need faster than you imagined possible.


Building Real-Time 
E-Trading Systems 
Has Never Been Easier.

The NxCore real-time framework automatically and seamlessly orchestrates complex calculations using a dynamically organizing dependency graph and a high-performance communications layer. This streaming graph framework achieves “true” real-time performance through its efficient, intelligent and scalable design and the framework takes care of data delivery and triggers calculation automatically.

Fast and Robust by Design
Proven Technology
Flexible and Transparent


NxCore provides a complete development framework for implementation of components such as data feeds, price calculators, and user interfaces. Components advertise their capabilities to the graph and the framework dynamically and transparently manages the dependency relationships and inter-process communications.

Benefits & Features

Fast and Robust by Design 
The NxCore real-time framework has been developed from the ground up for performance, efficiency, consistency, resilience, adaptability, and scalability, which are essential for the mission-critical enterprise systems our clients want to build.

  • Dynamic handling of complex data dependencies inherent in OTC markets
  • Enabling computational efficiency; do only work required and no more
  • Ease of integration with external data sources and internal systems
  • Built-in fault tolerance
  • A full development suite
  • Additional off-the-shelf components available to further accelerate development ROI:
    • Award-winning pricing and risk analytics covering all asset classes
    • Connectivity API
    • Market data feed integration
    • Position management
    • Curve and volatility surface management
    • Tick capture and back testing

Proven Technology

Why build from scratch when you can use street-tested, award-winning, industrial-strength technologies and tools?

  • NxCore is currently powering 70+ Numerix Oneview clients, our flagship front-to-risk solution, as well as bespoke client solutions
  • The system is constantly refined and improved through ongoing Q&A testing and client feedback
  • Utilize an off-the-shelf, battle-tested solution to avoid development delays, cost overruns and even outright project failures
  • Empower system developers to focus on business functionality rather than infrastructure, resulting in accelerated development and faster ROI

Flexible and Transparent 
NxCore never constrains your options, it only expands them. Develop all the components in-house, or leverage Numerix components. The choice is yours. 

  • Complete autonomy to incorporate your firm's own proprietary pricing models or Numerix models, risk and context-based pricing algorithms, and proprietary data
  • Option to add NxCore as a real-time overlay to existing trading, booking and trade processing infrastructure, to enable seamless auto-quoting or price streaming
  • Benefit from a microservice-based architecture to build exactly what you want using whichever components you want
  • Able to integrate with the cloud, extending your on-premise solution to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud to meet elastic demand, expand your reporting, or simply cut infrastructure costs
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