Numerix CrossAsset XL provides unprecedented flexibility for structuring, pricing and managing even the most complex derivatives and structured products—all in the Microsoft© Excel environment that traders and structurers are already utilizing.

Users gain the ability to rapidly describe any new deal type using hundreds of customizable trade templates, an intuitive payoff scripting language and the industry's most comprehensive cross-asset class pricing and risk analytics library.

As part of the Numerix CrossAsset Suite, CrossAsset XL is available as either a multi asset class solution or select modules targeted to individual asset classes:

Fixed Income   Credit
Equity   Commodities
FX   Inflation
Structured Finance   Life



Rapidly Structure and Price Any Derivative


Gain time-to-market advantages with 250+ pre-defined deal templates, including 'out-of-the-box' deal types and trade blotters that can be easily modified. Rapidly structure and price any derivative, across all asset classes (fixed income, equities, FX, credit, commodities, inflation, crypto, structured finance, life and hybrids).

Pre-trade Analysis


Enables pre-trade price discovery and the ability to stress-test and monitor trading strategies directly in Excel.

Customizable Front-End for Trading


Easily design and set-up a customized front-end for trading, with tailored workbooks/blotters and the ability to view a portfolio of trades.


Scenario Analysis


Supports pre- and post-trade scenario analysis, pricing grids and convergence using Excel to test trading strategies and shock portfolios.

Comprehensive Model Library


Access the most comprehensive cross-asset pricing and risk analytics, spanning all asset classes (fixed income, equities, FX, credit, commodities, inflation, structured finance, crypto, life and hybrids).

Extensive Risk Measures


Extensive range of risk measures for risk management purposes, including Greeks, XVAs, Counterparty Exposures, VaR, P&L, and others


Benefits & Features
  • Capture Speed-to-Market Opportunities
    Leverage time-to-market advantages with over 250 pre-defined templates, and the ability to rapidly structure and price any new instrument across asset classes. Users can dramatically reduce time-to-market for creating new products.

  • Gain Competitive Advantages, with the Ability to Price Any Deal Type
    Structure and price even the most complex derivatives and bespoke deals, utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive pricing and risk analytics library. Benefit from spreadsheet flexibility for any payoff or model and complete coverage for custom products and exotic derivatives.

  • Make Better Trading Decisions
    Pre-trade price discovery and the ability to stress-test and monitor trading strategies in Excel helps users develop more informed trading strategies and make better trading decisions.

  • Create Personalized Trading Environment to Enhance Trading Efficiencies
    The flexibility of CrossAsset XL enables traders to design and customize their front-end for trading with the tailored workbooks and blotters that work best for them.

  • Meet Risk Management and Reporting Requirements
    An extensive range of risk measures, including XVAs, Counterparty Exposures, VaR, P&L, and others.

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