Interest in cryptocurrencies is gaining momentum among institutional investors and widespread institutional adoption is gaining traction globally.

However, the crypto market remains extremely volatile characterized by extreme price swings and uncertainty. It is imperative that institutions looking to enter or already trading crypto derivatives have the right analytics and risk management platform in place to support their business. 

The requirements for building, maintaining and running a crypto risk platform are far more complex than those required to support established/traditional asset classes. Numerix’s crypto solutions are built specifically for institutions with scalability and performance in mind and optimized to manage the extreme risk and volatility associated with crypto products.

Whether your firm is just beginning its crypto journey and hoping to trade a diversified range of products, or it’s an established industry player in the digital assets space, Numerix’s cutting-edge crypto analytics and risk management technology will help you stay ahead of competitors in the rapidly evolving market.

Numerix Crypto Solutions Help Firms:

Structure and price any crypto derivative in an easy-to-use Excel interface   Model and analyze crypto derivatives and structured products including hard-to-price crypto exotics
Perform real-time, pre-trade limit checks on counterparties to ensure there is sufficient collateral in place to cover potential losses    Automate margin management and collateral calls
Track loans and payments (future and due)    Calculate risk measures including Greeks, PnL and VaR in real-time
View risk/P&L at the legal entity, counterparty, fund, managed account, portfolio or strategy level    Automate workflows and back-office capabilities
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Built for asset managers, hedge funds, crypto banks, and digital asset broker-dealers, Numerix’s crypto analytics and risk management system provide the agility that firms need to generate returns in the crypto markets.
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