Global Fintech End-Users Select Numerix Oneview as a Risk Solution Category Winner

New York, NY – July 25, 2018

Numerix, the leader in risk technology, is honored to be named the winner of the Best Market Risk Solution category in the 2018 Waters Rankings. Capital markets end-users cast their votes over a six-week period to determine the outcome of the 30 categories making up this year’s rankings.

“The rankings are unique as they are voted on solely by the Waters Technology end-user readers. We want to thank all those that participated, and all those who have selected Numerix Oneview to address their trade, pricing and risk management transformation needs,” said Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix.

A challenge some clients continue to face in terms of technology adoption is the overwhelming decay of legacy infrastructure embedded within their institutions. With the ability to handle both complex products, high volume instruments and a variety of execution styles, Numerix Oneview supplies next generation risk and P&L systems to the trading business.

O’Hanlon adds, “To address this challenge, over the past year Numerix has continued to focus on the adoption of reactive microservices/dependency graph capabilities for faster, event-driven calculations. Oneview architecture will continue to be based on apps, APIs and reactive microservices, to support clients’ increasing need for agility and scalability.”

In the coming months Numerix will be focusing on SIMM. This will include calculating MVA based on SIMM, or other initial margin methodologies, and integrating MVA into pre-deal checks and other XVA analyses.


About Numerix
Numerix is the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management. Committed to out-of-the box thinking, the exploration and adoption of the latest technologies, Numerix is dedicated to driving a more open, fintech-oriented, digital financial services market. Built upon a 20+ year analytical foundation of deep practical knowledge, experience and IT understanding, Numerix is uniquely positioned in the financial services ecosystem to help its users reimagine operations, modernize business processes and capture profitability. For more about Numerix:

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