Dec 19, 2023

Numerix Top 5: Thought Leadership Year in Review

This past year was one characterized by significant change for capital markets participants trading derivatives and fixed income instruments. Heightened volatility, fluctuating interest rates, shifting regulatory demands and global events have made the market environment more complex than ever.

Through all the ups and downs, we at Numerix have stayed committed to offering timely and relevant insights, providing market participants with high-caliber research that addresses today’s most pressing market and business-related challenges. With that said, today we’d like to offer you a curated compilation of our top-performing resources from 2023, covering hot topics from capital markets’ cloud adoption to transitioning to the new RFRs to the use of ChatGPT in finance —and more.

1. A Step-by-step Guide to Using ChatGPT to Build a Simple Risk Application 
Does ChatGPT have a place in the capital markets? In this thought leadership webinar, we unravel the power of ChatGPT in building a simple risk application. Watch Numerix’s James Gavin walk through a step-by-step example utilizing this ground-breaking technology for running Value-at-Risk (VaR) calculations.
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2. As Action Time Nears, Be Aware of These 3 Big FRTB Issues
The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) represents the beginning of a new era for market risk management, introducing measures intended to enhance the resilience of banks and the stability of the global financial system. Read this white paper to learn about three of the core issues capital markets participants face when dealing with FRTB.
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3. Decoding Cloud Adoption in Finance with Elle Ellis and Kalyani Koppisetti of AWS
The cloud has revolutionized how businesses operate, bringing forth a wave of innovation that has transformed scalability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration. Join Numerix’s James Jockle, Chief Marketing Officer and Nestor Nelson, Chief Information Office, in addition to Elle Ellis, and Kalyani Koppisetti of AWS in this exciting podcast episode, as they share their personal experiences with cloud adoption in the capital markets.
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4. Is Your SOFR Readiness Being Put to the Test? Let’s Talk About Post-Transition Issues and Challenges
The June 30, 2023 deadline for publishing the five remaining US dollar Libor rates marked a critical milestone in the Libor transition process. This date signified the final stages of the Libor phase out and triggered a future with alternative risk-free rates, such as SOFR for dollar-denominated derivatives and loans. In this Q&A, five Numerix experts discuss the challenges tied to SOFR that are impacting the market.
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5. FINCAD Analytics Suite: Current Rate Dynamics & RFR Curve-Building
While building RFR curves may seem simpler than managing inter-bank term rates like LIBOR, there are still nuanced areas that demand attention. In this solution webinar, we explore these areas and offer you a first-hand look at FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel’s powerful curve-building capabilities, which enable firms to easily construct curves for risk-free rates (RFRs) in a fluctuating interest rate environment.

Attendees of this on-demand webinar also have an opportunity to try FINCAD Analytics Suite firsthand with a 14-day trial. Get your free trial here.
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Looking Forward to the Year Ahead
We hope you’ve found these resources useful. Stay tuned with our blog and social channels, as we have a full calendar of brand-new insights planned for the upcoming year.

We’d also like to extend our warmest wishes for a joyous holiday season filled with peace, happiness, and prosperity. May this time give you an opportunity for rest and reflection, ushering in a new year of continued achievements and growth. See you in 2024!


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