Jan 4, 2024

Using Cloud Technology to Stay Ahead in Competitive Markets

A market environment characterized by extreme uncertainty, soaring interest rates and record-high inflation means capital markets participants must make the most of available technology and tools to stay competitive. Leveraging cloud-based solutions for critical functions such as valuation and risk management can put financial firms at a clear advantage for attaining their business and operational goals.   

One of FINCAD’s partners, Enfusion, fully realizes the positive impacts that tapping into best-of-breed analytics and technology platforms can bring. Below we share an excerpt of their story, including how partnering with FINCAD, a Numerix company, has empowered them through their growth journey to win new clients and maintain a high degree of satisfaction and retention. 

Partnering to deliver best-of-breed technology 

Enfusion is a leading investment management platform provider offering a fully cloud-based solution, with single and multi-tenant models, which effectively eliminate the need for software updates and costly upgrades from on premise software.  

The company partners with FINCAD to equip clients with the analytics and asset class coverage they need for their investment portfolios. If it happens that a new or existing client needs to value an asset that Enfusion doesn’t support, that’s where the partnership and brainstorming come together to achieve the desired goal.    

Working together as a team to enhance coverage for handling new instruments in a timely manner enables Enfusion to meet clients’ needs and rapidly deliver solutions. Apart from superior analytics, and capabilities which power the platform, Enfusion has been pleased that the FINCAD team fully understands what it takes to build a strong partnership.

Embracing a cloud-centered approach   

In today's business landscape, adopting cloud technology has become an imperative rather than a choice if you want to remain competitive and evolve with the markets. When we look closely at the performance of FINCAD's embedded technology partners, those who have fully embraced cloud technology have excelled, and Enfusion stands out as a leading example in the hedge fund industry by offering a cutting-edge cloud-native solution.  

FINCAD provides a distinctive value proposition through our ability to seamlessly integrate top-tier analytics with cloud-native technology. The benefits of this approach can be seen in two fundamental ways. Firstly, we incorporate this methodology into our development processes, underpinned by a comprehensive suite of unit test cases across our build systems and automated software regression, which are all expertly managed in the cloud. This way, we continually test that the analytics can scale on the cloud and are always ready to respond quickly to clients’ evolving needs. Secondly, we harness the power of the cloud to deliver our products and services to clients through APIs, allowing us to offer analytics as essential industry utilities.  

Moreover, FINCAD libraries are not black boxes. They come equipped with transparency tools and utilities that simplify internal consistency and model validation requirements. This includes tracking behavior, testing performance, benchmarking against results from other available models, and exploring alternative numerical or methodological approaches. We prioritize transparency in how we engage with clients and our libraries are highly accessible.  

Making the client experience a priority   

The buyer’s onboarding journey is top of mind with all FINCAD software. Users have the flexibility to program against our interfaces in various programming languages (Java, NET, C++ and Python) and results can be locally reproduced in Excel, Jupyter Lab or VS Code, which means Excel and Python are ideal tools for research, validation and testing. It’s critically important to run analytics both locally, as well as perform and scale seamlessly on the cloud.   

Finally, we believe that it is vital to work with our partners to provide a holistic product solution. At FINCAD, we take immense pride in our successful partnership with Enfusion, which serves as a prime example of the remarkable effects of strong collaboration. 

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