Numerix NxCore is an innovative hybrid capital markets system development platform that leverages Numerix's street-tested, award-winning analytics and technologies. It helps users rapidly build a broad range of capital markets systems, including trading, risk, XVA, or margining systems without the complexity of building an in-house system or the implementation challenges of buying off-the-shelf systems. 

  • Fast Time-to-Market: Leverage off-the-shelf components to speed up development 
  • Flexibility: Use Numerix components or your own ​
  • Customizability: Build exactly what you want using whichever components you want
  • Accelerated System ROI: System is completed faster and starts generating returns sooner
  • Greater Developer ROI: Empower developers to focus on high value business functionality rather than infrastructure
  • Lower Project Risk: Reduce project complexity by using proven tools and components 


Numerix NxCore provides a comprehensive, proven development platform to help capital markets system developers dramatically reduce time-to-market and project risk for new system development.
With NxCore as the foundation of your development project...
OTC markets are increasingly traded electronically and becoming more competitive than ever. Outdated legacy systems are no longer competitive in modern e-trading and there is an urgent need to upgrade to real-time platforms that can manage...