Next generation technologies and the future of trading

New technologies are transforming how financial institutions operate, invest and trade. In their quest for increased efficiency, firms are rethinking trading infrastructures, and integrating a vast array of enabling technologies and data-driven analytics.

This webinar brings together ground-breakers, visionary thought leaders, and senior representatives from the buy side and sell side to discuss how trading businesses can adapt to this new environment to improve margins and generate alpha.

Panelists examine the future of trading technology, how companies will implement these new innovations, and explore the range of new skills that might be needed.

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • New investing and trading strategies enabled by new technology and innovation
  • Drivers behind the need for an optimization of the entire trade life cycle
  • The emergence of new business functions and where they intersect


Satyam Kancharla, EVP, Chief Product Officer, Numerix


Daryush Laqab, Head of Product Management, OmniAI Ecosystem, J.P.Morgan


Moderated by: Phil Albinus, Contributing Editor,



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