LIBOR Countdown: Spotlight on Derivatives

The next 12 months will determine how rates markets cope with the death of Libor. has been covering Libor reform efforts since the Financial Stability Board fired the starter’s pistol in 2014, providing more depth and detail than any other publication. With those efforts now entering their critical phase,’s editorial team will run a series of quarterly webinars, breaking down the issues facing the market, tracking the progress made and highlighting the remaining questions.

On March 26th at 11 AM EDT's global head of editorial, Duncan Wood led a discussion around LIBOR transition with specific focus on the derivatives market.

Key topics of discussion included:

  • The pros and cons of swaps fallback language
  • The case for pre-cessation triggers
  • Preparing for SOFR/€STR discounting
  • Developments in non-linear RFR derivatives markets
  • Cross-currency swap developments



Duncan Wood, Global Editorial Director,


Ping Sun, SVP, Libor Transition, Numerix


Simon Maisey, Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Development, Tradeweb


Philip Whitehurst, Senior Director, Rates Products, LCH


Ales Lipensky, Head of Derivatives Funding, Deutsche Bank





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