Structured Products: Transforming Risk into Opportunities

Live Date: Thursday, April 30, 2020, 10:00 AM EDT

Discussion points:

  • How the structured product market is evolving
  • What the recent turmoil means for structured products hedging and new issuance
  • How traders and risk managers can apply lessons from past periods of market stress plus adapt to new ways of working
  • Technology’s role in the structured product market

About the webinar:

The structured product market is one of the most dynamic and complex of all, offering a multitude of benefits to investors. But increased regulation, intense competition and heightened volatility have become the new norm in financial markets, creating new challenges for issuers to hedge exposures that can quickly become problematic if left unchecked.

Most recently, global markets have experienced a period of extreme volatility in response to acute concerns over the economic impact of Covid-19. What does this mean for traders, issuers, risk managers and investors as the structured products market reshapes to fit the changing market environment?

Moderated by:

Helen Bartholomew, Editor-at-large, EMEA,




Ilja Faerman, Managing Director, Client Solutions EMEA, Numerix.
Ilja Faerman is a Managing Director for Client Solutions EMEA at Numerix. He has extensive expertise in successfully delivering projects across EMEA covering pricing of complex derivatives in multiple asset classes, as well as calculating market and counterparty credit risk figures for large portfolios of simple and complex instruments. In recent projects, he has focused on advanced XVA metrics including KVA and MVA as well as coherent modeling of risk factors for the purpose of XVA calculation. Prior to Numerix, Mr. Faerman worked as a financial engineer and model validation analyst at Thomson Reuters. He holds a BSc in Business and Computer Science from the University of Rostock and an MSc in Finance from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. He is currently located in Numerix’s Frankfurt office.

Harris Gorre, Head of Financial Products, Investec Bank plc


Pierre Moretti, Global Head of Equity Financial Engineering and Cross Asset Indices, Natixis


Ross Trotman, Cross Asset Solutions, Citibank




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