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New York, NY

Numerix Launches Bold New Identity Reflecting Strategic Growth Story

Numerix. When numbers matter.  

May 1st, 2024 – Numerix, a leading capital markets front-to-risk technology provider, is excited to announce its comprehensive rebranding and commitment to powering all trading and risk decisions of the future. In a world where numbers define outcomes, Numerix delivers unparalleled accuracy, transparency and innovation, empowering institutions to seize opportunities amidst uncertainty.  

The rebranding integrates Numerix's acquisitions from the past year, PolyPaths and FINCAD, under one unified brand. This combination positions Numerix as a powerhouse by creating a cutting-edge platform that can price and assess the risk of virtually any financial instrument through its market-tested quantitative libraries, delivering unmatched value to customers worldwide.  

“Numerix has long been a leader in the capital markets space, and the addition of PolyPaths and FINCAD expanded our capabilities, allowing us to provide greater value in helping to solve our customers’ most complex challenges,” explained Manny Conti, CEO of Numerix. “Our transformed brand identity serves to further enhance Numerix's leadership position and solidify our commitment to delivering industry-leading quantitative analytics and cutting-edge technology that meet the evolving needs of financial institutions worldwide.” 

An important aspect of the rebrand was the unveiling of a new company logo. The design features a stylized N, representing an archway, symbolic of a gateway to a brighter future, as Numerix helps customers transform risk into opportunity.  

“Our brand represents some of our key attributes as a vanguard in the industry and as an innovative and trusted name within the front-to-risk sector,” shared Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Jockle. “The new logo design is a testament to our customer-centric approach, building products that empower our clients to uncover new opportunities." 

As part of the branding effort, Numerix has also launched an updated website experience on, which has been designed to cater to professionals across the front-to-risk space. The new website highlights the depth of Numerix’s expertise and will continue to be an essential resource for all industry participants.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Numerix’s comprehensive solutions, please contact us at For the latest updates and insights, please follow the Numerix LinkedIn page.  

About Numerix:    

Since our founding in 1996, Numerix has been at the vanguard of financial technology, providing groundbreaking expertise, quantitative analytics, and software that redefines pricing and risk management in the financial markets. With the strategic acquisitions of FINCAD and PolyPaths, Numerix has further strengthened its leadership position, empowering financial institutions worldwide to transform risk into opportunities with confidence.   

Numerix is headquartered in New York City with offices around the world in major financial centers which allows for immediate access to the latest trends, innovations, and thought leaders in the industry. This extensive network across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific enables Numerix to offer localized support and services to its diverse clientele while drawing on global insights and expertise. 


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