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End of LIBOR?

LIBOR transition projects are complex and challenging – and we can help.

Oneview for Trading: Reduce Time to Market, Automated Workflows, Real-Time Quoting & Risk, Holistic Risk Management

The transition from LIBOR to Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs) by December 31, 2021 is gaining momentum. But many firms are struggling. Often, companies find that the biggest and most expensive challenges of managing the transition include renegotiating thousands of contracts that reference LIBOR, operationalizing the updated renegotiated terms and legacy contract terms, and managing the risks of the transition.


Get Expert Guidance & Powerful Tools

Numerix and NextGen Strategic Advisors have partnered to offer a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering called Oneview for the LIBOR Transition, designed to support:

• Legal priorities: digitalization, review, and revision of existing LIBOR contract language into updated ARR replacement language to support bilateral renegotiations

• Operational priorities: extraction of critical contract terms to update operations, finance, trading and risk systems

 Risk management priorities: measurement and management of financial risk exposures, to minimize the P&L and risk impacts of the LIBOR transition

Benefits & Features

Oneview for the LIBOR Transition Creates Significant & Immediate Value for your Firm

• Dramatically accelerate your LIBOR transition capabilities

• Streamline legal and operational complexity and resource requirements, and minimize legal costs and operational risks

 Manage and mitigate financial risk exposures that result from moving to new ARRs

 Increase valuation accuracy and minimize P&L impact of the LIBOR transition


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