Enabling integration into proprietary or third-party systems, the Numerix SDK includes the CrossAsset Integration Layer—a data-driven interface that empowers users and partners to non-programmatically extend CrossAsset analytics with custom interfaces, new models and business logic.

CrossAsset Integration Layer – The Trade Template Repository

Whether on a single desktop, across different trading desks, or enterprise-wide—Numerix users are empowered to structure trades in Excel and load them into a single CrossAsset Integration Layer Trade and Data Repository.
CrossAsset Integration


Benefits & Features
  • Integrate with Existing Systems
    Leverage Numerix market-tested models and methods in existing systems across the full trading and risk lifecycle
  • Extend Coverage
    Easily extend production platforms' deal coverage across asset classes, including exotics and structured products
  • Holistic Approach and Consistency
    Employ consistent valuation methods across the enterprise, enabling a path to standardization
  • Reporting Capabilities
    Enable advanced risk analysis and reporting
  • Custom Applications
    Integrate a wide range of custom applications, such as visualization and master data management tools
  • Model Risk Management
    Improve control over model risk management  through the rapid integration of new financial instrument types and models, and the reuse of definitions across various technology platforms
  • Controls for Authorized Users
    Allows only authorized individuals to edit and publish new financial instrument types and models
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