Derivative Insider Webinar Series: Cautionary Insights on Software Development

Numerix is pleased to introduce a new series of webinars called our “Derivative Insider” series. In this series, we interview clients to learn their hard-won secrets and practical tips on building and leveraging technology for maximum benefit in their OTC derivatives businesses.

In the inaugural webinar of the series, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from Capstone Investment Advisors, Sean Huba, joins Numerix’s CMO James Jockle to discuss some troubling trends he’s observed in software development, and how firms can address them before they cause serious problems.

One topic in particular – development of proprietary systems using open-source code – has received much industry attention, but Sean sees firms making serious mistakes and offers suggestions on how to solve them.

Watch the webinar to hear Sean’s views on:

  • The challenges and opportunities of open-source code
  • Avoiding DevOps pitfalls from adding large numbers of open-source packages
  • Downsides to using Python in enterprise software
  • Building apps vs. enterprise software
  • Automating manual processes
  • Lessons learned in aggressively growing a software development team

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