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The Art of Effective Market Risk Management During a Period of Transformation

The business of financial services has remarkably transformed over the years due to numerous factors, such as changes in market structure and comprehensive regulatory reform. Among all that has taken place in the industry, managing market risks is playing an increasingly significant role in an institution’s processes.

This white paper takes a current view of market risk management, its growing complexity, and how it can be transformative to institutions as the industry is widely recognizing what are the right approaches to addressing evolving risks.

Some of the key points and drivers of risk management that are emphasized include:

  • The decision to upgrade risk technology may not be a matter of choice, but necessary in light of growing market risk complexity.
  • To manage market risk appropriately, firms are placing an increasing importance on advanced market risk tools and measurements.
  • Powerful data analytics and consistent high-quality data is crucial to the viability of any risk platform.
  • A look into the industry’s top priority investments in technology-powered solutions.
  • An analysis of the “buy or build” argument and the benefits of a cloud-powered, high-performance RaaS model.
The risk burden is certainly not going to lighten anytime soon. If financial institutions want their trading business to thrive during this period of what appears to be fundamental transformation, many will need to reassess their risk functions much sooner than later.

One point that is very clear is that the art of risk management has increased significantly in complexity. Heads of market risk management must rise to the challenge.


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