Thinking Derivatively – July 2023 Newsletter


Analyzing the Transformation of the Role of the Chief Risk Officer

The rapid evolution of and growing need for risk management is placing unprecedented demands on the skills and expertise required of the chief risk officer (CRO). As a result, the role of the CRO has been transforming in recent years. In this blog, we provide an analysis of the growing complexity and the rapidly expanding set of tasks being faced by today’s CROs.


A Step-by-step Guide to Using ChatGPT to Build a Simple Risk Application
In this thought leadership webinar, we unravel the power of ChatGPT in building a simple risk application. Watch Numerix’s James Gavin walk through a step-by-step example utilizing this ground-breaking technology for running Value-at-Risk (VaR) calculations. ACCESS THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR


Zero-day Options: Ticking Time Bomb or High Alpha Trade?
Zero-day-to-expiration (0DTE) options have surged in popularity over the past several years, with 0DTE options now exceeding 40% of daily trading volumes in S&P 500-linked options by recent estimates. In this on-demand webinar hosted by, a panel of market experts provide their perspective on 0TDE options.

Numerix Wins Prestigious Risk Management Award
Numerix was recently awarded the Best Risk Management Platform by the 2023 Waters Technology Asia Awards. Numerix was recognized for Oneview, a cloud-native SaaS platform providing real-time market risk analytics, including what-if analysis, VaR calculations, advanced historical and Monte Carlo VaR, and stress testing.

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September 28 | Asia Risk Congress 2023 

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