Thinking Derivatively – November 2023 Newsletter


Perspectives 2023: How Financial Institutions Are Continuing to Hedge

To gain insight into how Numerix’s clients across the globe are pursuing their hedging activities in 2023, we distributed an internal survey to a wide group of Numerix client-facing professionals to collect information regarding our clients’ current hedging strategies and what drives those strategies. This white paper discusses the survey’s results.


XVA Dynamics from a Buy-Side Perspective: The Latest Strategies and Insights
In this on-demand webinar hosted by, a panel of market experts provide their perspective on key aspects of XVA from a buy-side perspective, shedding light on strategies to navigate this complex terrain and how buy-side firms can optimize XVA-related costs. The panel also discusses issues affecting the sell-side and how they interconnect with the buy-side. WATCH NOW


PnL Explain: Strategic Trading Book Insights for Traders, Risk Managers & Other Stakeholders
Watch Krupal Rachh, Executive Director and Market Risk Product Manager at Numerix, discuss how the PnL Explain analytics in Numerix Oneview can provide traders, risk managers and other stakeholders across the sell and buy side alike with critical insights to inform daily trading and risk decisions. VIEW WEBINAR

The Best Buy-Side Risk Management Product Award Goes to . . . Numerix
Numerix is excited to have received the Best Buy-Side Risk Management Product award by the WatersTechnology BST Awards 2023. Our Oneview product was distinguished for being a comprehensive, real-time capital markets risk management system that empowers its buy-side clients to trade any product in the global markets, thereby expanding their investment universe so that they can capture alpha wherever it exists, while quickly adhering to trading, risk and regulatory needs on a 24/7 basis. 


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