Tech Innovation

Embracing real-time market adaptability

Ensuring financial institutions can swiftly adapt to market changes, thanks to its real-time data processing and analysis capabilities.

  • Enhanced analytics precision

    Advanced analytical tools provide deep insights for precise financial modeling and risk assessment.

  • Scalability for future growth

    The framework is built to accommodate growth, scaling with your institution to ensure longevity and adaptability for future financial landscapes.

  • Real-time trading and pricing

    Enable efficient calculation of complex metrics on a distributed basis, orchestrating the relationship between data sources, calculators continuously.

  • Collaboration and innovation

    A collaborative development environment that encourages innovation between development and the desk.

Benefits Callout

Oneview Graph Framework

Oneview Graph Framework

The Oneview Graph Framework is a high-performance, real-time dependency graph technology, enabling dynamic, efficient capital market system development. It's designed for true real-time performance in pricing, risk, and P&L systems.

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