Risk intelligence

Enhanced decision making

Oneview for Market Risk empowers users with a full suite of analytics for informed trading and risk management decisions.

  • Pre- and post-trade analytics

    Use intuitive market risk dashboards and on-demand analytics to perform and view historical and Monte Carlo VaR, sensitivities, as well as stress testing and back testing calculations.

  • Risk reporting

    Choose from an extensive list of reports—which can be run on the entire portfolio or a subset of trades—including:  pricing, P&L, Greeks, VaR analysis, Expected Tail Loss/Expected Shortfall, back-testing reports, historical analysis reports, and custom risk reports.

  • "What-if" trade analysis

    Comprehensive 'what-if' trade analysis, available pre-and post-trade, at the enterprise or desk level.

  • Customizable view of risk

    View risk at the portfolio or trade level, by desk, type, sector, region, currency or other custom groupings and set up ad-hoc and scheduled runs. Users also have the flexibility to define and setup the parameters for stress testing, back testing, sensitivities and VaR runs.

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Oneview for Market Risk

Oneview for Market Risk provides comprehensive pre-and post-trade market risk analytics. It supports holistic risk management with VaR, stress testing, and scenario analysis at both desk and enterprise levels.

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