Trading innovation

Accelerated market response

Experience a trading environment where efficiency reigns supreme. Our platform offers a suite of features designed to enhance your trading strategy, providing a clear view of financial performance, instant market adaptability, swift market entry, and comprehensive management throughout the product’s lifecycle. Embrace a solution where precision, speed, and flexibility converge to streamline your trading experience.

  • Rapid product launch

    Quickly bring new offerings to market, leveraging streamlined processes for a timely response to market opportunities and client demand.

  • Lifecycle management

    Intuitive trade lifecycle functionality ensures the trade data reflects the correct lifecycle states and the automation tools enable users to maximize their efficiency and minimize operational risk. 

  • P&L insight

    Harness sophisticated tools to dissect daily portfolio fluctuations, attributing changes to specific trading activities and risk factors, with comprehensive results and multi-currency capabilities at your disposal.

  • Real-time quoting

    Experience instant pricing updates, reflecting current market conditions for nimble decision-making.

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Oneview for Trading

Oneview for Trading offers an all-encompassing solution for structured product business, providing real-time quotes, market data management, and risk calculations in a single platform.

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