Key differentiators

Tailored solutions for your fixed income needs

Customizable analytics, seamless integration, robust pricing, and precise risk management for your fixed income and structured finance portfolios.

  • Advanced analytics suite

    Extensive suite of analytics, including scenario shocks, relative value analysis, and returns attribution, empowering you to make data-driven decisions in fixed income portfolios.

  • Customizable risk management

    Tailor risk management strategies to your specific needs. Whether it’s interest rate risk, credit risk, or market volatility, our solution provides flexibility and precision.

  • Robust pricing capabilities

    From mortgage-backed securities to complex derivatives, manage your portfolio with the most accurate pricing models. 

  • Dynamic portfolio adjustments in real time

    Ability to conduct intraday portfolio reruns and what-if scenarios and hedges and portfolio rebalances accordingly.

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PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management

PolyPaths Trading & Risk Management provides a versatile software platform tailored for fixed income risk management and portfolio analysis. It supports a wide range of instruments including mortgages, structured products, bonds, derivatives, and credit instruments like CDS. The platform is designed for efficacy across front and mid-office, catering to diverse user needs.

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