Pricing proficiency

Optimized derivatives valuation

Oneview for Valuation offers unparalleled depth in derivatives pricing and risk analytics for superior market consistency.

  • Valuation features

    Transform the complex process of trade portfolio valuation into a streamlined and intuitive experience, delivering key financial metrics such as Present Values (PVs), Greeks, and cashflows with precision. 

  • Workflow

    This includes a maker-checker system for a four-eye check, permission-driven task creation/approval, and the ability to approve, reject, or claim back tasks with a view of the change history.

  • Audit

    This feature provides an audit history for each entity key, recording any changes like modified values, user action, and timestamp.

  • Data management

    Seamlessly integrating robust data pipelines, advanced validation checks, and comprehensive data transformations to ensure the highest quality of financial data processing.

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Oneview for Valuation

Oneview for Valuation delivers market-consistent valuations and Greeks for derivatives and structured product portfolios, combining award-winning pricing libraries with a high-performance enterprise system.

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