The model for financial trading has slowly but surely shifted over the last decade as we have seen a continual growth in electronic trading. This growth in e-trading is linked primarily to technology advancements that provide increasing operational efficiency throughout the entire trade lifecycle as well as to mounting regulations. Some industry experts, however, are puzzled as to why e-trading hasn’t expanded even more.

In this e-trading forum, Numerix features a panel of industry leaders who discuss the key trends, challenges and issues that are shaping the evolution of electronic trading across the capital market, including:

  • Why the trading of complex asset classes is still primarily voice driven and when/will that change?
  • The issues holding back more adoption of e-trading. A technology problem? A cultural/human problem? A regulatory-related problem? Or all three?
  • The growing role and use of data in the trading function.
  • The changing competitive landscape and the unique ecosystem that exists between banks, the buy side and prop trading firms.
  • The use of artificial intelligence/machine learning in e-trading. Is it hype or real?


Panel Participants

Scott Fitzpatrick, CEO, Tradition SEF



Joseph Ahearn, Senior Vice President, Head of Fixed Income, TradingScreen



Kevin McPartland, Managing Director, Market Structure and Technology, Greenwich Associates



Martin Toyer, Chief Technology Officer, Numerix



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