Integrated Numerix Solution Deploys Custom Business Logic and Extensible Framework for Portfolio Management, and Risk Management

New York, NY – September 14, 2015 – Today Numerix announces a successful implementation at The New South Wales Treasury Corporation (TCorp) of Australia. Already leveraging Numerix CrossAsset for debt risk management of client portfolios, TCorp has extended its relationship to include Numerix’s scalable server architecture, supported by a custom build web front-end and on-demand reporting framework. With Numerix enterprise analytics at its core TCorp has implemented a best practice risk system and turnkey solution for its debt management services and in-house Debt Interest Forecast System.

As the centralized provider of debt, funds management and financial risk solutions for the NSW public sector, TCorp provides clients with projections of expected interest costs as part of its debt management service. This includes interest cost attribution, interest payment forecasts and what-if scenarios, as well as debt interest forecast risk analysis and interest cost reports.

Numerix CrossAsset Analytics Platform: Customized Business Solutions for Specialized Requirements

TCorp required an enterprise analytics solution capable of satisfying a range of highly specialized requirements, including custom analytics for future portfolio PVs based on economists’ forecasts and future markets, as well as custom business rules for the classification of portfolios to various debt-types. The Numerix solution fully supports Australian market conventions. A customized workflow was also essential as workflows had to be built to incorporate what-if scenarios, future draw-downs and pre-payments which affect future positions and rebalancing rules.

Built on its enterprise server technology, the Numerix analytics engine provides an open architecture for easy integration, the flexibility of customization and a scalable design for handling large volumes of complex trade and market data. With a flexible and transparent Web front-end interface TCorp can analyze results on a given date and actively manage clients’ portfolios including hedging, benchmark tracking and risk management. On-demand reporting is also possible via TCorp’s Debt Forecasting tool, used for sending debt forecast reports to TCorp’s end clients.

On-Demand Reporting Framework with Actionable Results

Leveraging Numerix analytics, TCorp is able to produce custom reports for forecast projections and present in pre-specified formats to TCorp end clients.  A range of reports can be generated to assess Interest Expense Forecasts, Portfolio Progression, Cashflow/Transaction Reporting, and Attribution Analysis. What-if Curve Reporting can be produced for quantifying the impact of market shifts and support multiple levels of aggregation and drill-down.

“As clients rely heavily on forecasted interest costs to assist with their budgeting process, it is crucial for TCorp to have a simple-to-use and intuitive tool that can be used conveniently to produce debt interest forecast reports to clients,” said Stephen Knight, Chief Executive Officer at TCorp. “With Numerix’s high performance computing environment and custom analytics applications underpinning our debt management framework, we’ve implemented a robust best-practice risk management system for hedging decisions and risk management. We’re also able to provide clients with enhanced portfolio composition and interest cost projections, based on various market scenarios and assumptions.”

“The most critical component of this implementation was our ability to build custom logic to accommodate TCorp’s specialized business requirements; and key to this was being able to seamlessly integrate to TCorp’s internal data warehouse. With tight timelines to generate client reports within the quarter, it was essential to have this data captured accurately and quickly within the system,” Steven R. O’Hanlon, Chief Executive Officer & President of Numerix. “In having the data reside in the native format of TCorp’s internal data warehouse, we were able to speed up the testing cycle and ease the validation process.”


About Numerix
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About The New South Wales Treasury Corporation (TCorp)
TCorp is the financial markets partner of New South Wales public sector agencies. We deliver our clients better debt financing and investment outcomes due to our financial markets expertise and significant economies of scale. As part of the New South Wales Government, we have a unique understanding of our clients and share a genuine alignment of interests. We’ve been successfully servicing the public sector for more than 30 years. For more information please visit


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