Numerix Oneview also Recognized as Pricing & Analytics Platform of the Year

New York, NY – June 19, 2017

Numerix, the leader in risk technology today is proud to announce it’s been named the recipient of two awards in the 2017 Structured Products Americas Awards, including Technology Provider of the Year and Pricing & Analytics Platform of the Year.

Over the past year Numerix has enhanced the overall business services focus of the platform with a greater emphasis on business user workflows and standardizing browser oriented user interfaces. With Rest APIs on backend services now standard across the platform and application layers, Numerix is able to very quickly customize front ends that can fit the end user workflows for individual business needs.

Steve O’Hanlon, Chief Executive Officer, Numerix adds, “As valuation, XVA, or ESG business workflows can vary quite differently from institution to institution and across geographies, the new capabilities of the platform allow for the creation of tailored workflows using modern web interfaces, like HTML 5 and the underlying web stack.”

More than Just Real-Time  

As a result of its acquisition of TFG Financial Systems in February 2017, Numerix has also integrated core real-time, distributed, event-driven processing capabilities into the Numerix Oneview pricing and risk management platform.

“The performance of Oneview solutions has as much to do with the speed of each business service offered, as it does with how these microservices and computations are linked together in a real-time framework,” said Satyam Kancharla, Chief Strategy Officer, Numerix. “As a number of trades and analytics are up and running and available online, intraday changes are feeding in on a real-time, event driven basis so new trades, market data, CSAs and counterparties are effecting changes quickly and efficiently focusing on the minimal re-compute path. This is a very powerful, unique technology we’re excited to bring to market.”

Steve O’Hanlon, Chief Executive Officer of Numerix concludes: “As cited by one of the judges, ‘It is evident there is broad market use for the Oneview Enterprise Platform, and the fact that Numerix is able to work with many different client segments across very complex lines of business is impressive.’  We’re so proud of this statement as it’s validation of how we’ve tried, and succeeded at expanding our business from a pricing analytics player to a pricing, trading and risk technology company. We’re exceedingly proud of these recent awards wins and want to thank, as well as all of our clients and partners for committing to the Numerix vision.”

About Numerix
Numerix is the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management. Committed to out-of-the box thinking, the exploration and adoption of latest technologies, Numerix is dedicated to driving a more open, fintech oriented, digital financial services market. Built upon a 20+ year analytical foundation of deep practical knowledge, experience and IT understanding, Numerix is uniquely positioned in the financial services ecosystem to help its users reimagine operations, modernize business processes and capture profitability. For more about Numerix:

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