Numerix Announces Strategic Partnership with Global Bond Market Specialist Fite Analytics

Numerix Oneview Analytics Coverage Expanded to Include All Fixed Income Instruments Including Mortgage and Asset-Backed Securities, Corporates and Munis  

New York, NY October 27, 2021: Numerix, the leader in risk technology, today is proud to announce a strategic partnership with global bond market specialist Fite Analytics.   

Numerix Oneview, the company’s SaaS based flagship front-to-risk trading and risk management platform will integrate Fite Analytics’ extensive library of bond analytics and reference data to produce street-standard results across all bond sectors, including hard-to-value securities such as structured finance, convertibles, and hedged positions. Like Oneview, Fite utilizes a cloud-native platform optimized for the fastest calculation speeds for institutional portfolios.  

“The Fite Analytics platform has the widest available reference data coverage of all sectors of the global bond markets. We generate street-standard analytic measures and cash flows for all bonds, including complex or hard-to-source structures. Advancements in grid computing make it now possible to power Oneview’s real-time trading and risk management solution”, said Geoff Fite, CEO of Fite Analytics.   

Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix added, “The addition of Fite Analytics bond coverage into Oneview especially in structured finance is significant from the standpoint that our vision for Oneview is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and consistent view of their market risk and credit risk in a single application. Fite’s pricing capabilities, working in conjunction with Oneview’s ability to aggregate and calculate enterprise level risk metrics, not only broadens the user base of Oneview, but can provide management greater confidence that their traders and risk managers are getting the right answer faster.  

About Fite Analytics

Fite Analytics is a Data Processing and Analytics company that provides security-level and portfolio-level risk and return analytics for all sectors of the global bond markets. Fite Analytics maintains a cloud-based platform that houses a complete global security database, in partnership with a variety of specialized data vendors.
Fite Analytics’ calculation engines produce street-standard output across these sectors, and its advanced analytics such as effective duration, OAS, spread duration, and key-rate duration compare favorably to the incumbent large competitors. Fite Analytics’ calculated results and the reference data used to produce them can be accessed via API, Batch Files, or Web Applications.  

About Numerix  

Numerix is the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence applications for trading and risk management. Committed to out-of-the box thinking, the exploration and adoption of latest technologies, Numerix is dedicated to driving a more open, fintech-oriented, digital financial services market. Built upon a 20+ year analytical foundation of deep practical knowledge, experience and IT understanding, Numerix is uniquely positioned in the financial services ecosystem to help its users reimagine operations, modernize business processes and capture profitability. For more about Numerix:  

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